Hello, I am a sixteen-year-old girl with a vision of perfection. I have been working on and off for months to reach my goals (outer beauty, inner beauty, talents, intelligence, everything) and make my vision reality. I have good news: I am almost there, reaching perfection!

My family has been planning on moving for seven or eight months now. We’ll move to a a gorgeous home in an adorable town. I am excited, but a bit nervous because I have not yet tied up all of the loose ends. I still have some goals to accomplish.

Originally, my family was going to move on June 17. Today, we learned that we may not be able to move in until July (the 6 or 7, probably). I was disappointed, yet relieved at the same time. I have more than enough time to reach all of my goals and make my dreams my real life!

I have already made a lot of progress, and have been blogging about it on and off for months. Well, for the next couple of weeks, I will just perfect myself until everything is just right. I don’t really have a specific deadline as of right now, I simply have general goals and ideas that I hope to achieve before the move (within the next two to four weeks). Before wrapping up this post, I just want to say thanks to my viewers who have been patient and supportive through my stressful situation! I hope ya’ll continue to follow my blog until I am ready to move on. I also hope that you can all reach your goals, too, and move on to bigger and better things!

As I finish up my journey, I will be posting on here as regularly as possible. I would promise daily posts if I could, but I have had so many computer problems as well as family and medical problems that I’m not sure if I could keep such a promise. However, I will definitely try to continue posting often and keep you all up to date on my progress. I’ll send out emails to my consistent followers if there is any huge change in my plans. You, this blog, and this journey I am on are what I am most focused on right now! This means everything to me, and thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

*If you are new to this blog, please read: the original post “Reaching Perfection,” as well as my three additional pages on this blog, and thanks for your interest.

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